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GD ASSET company was founded in 2017 and is an evolution of the accounting firm created by the founder of the company Gouzias Dimitrios in 2007. It is active in the provision of tax, accounting and consulting services in order to provide integrated solutions in the field of business. Our company is headquartered in Ioannina and operates in a wide range of services. High training of our partners and the experience we have enable us to effectively manage all aspects of business activity. The company’s services are applied in all business sectors and geographical areas of Greece. Collaborates with individuals, very small, small, medium and large entities. In the context of the continuous changes of the tax legislation, we provide valid and timely information to our customers, focusing on the needs and particularities of each business.
GD ASSET - Το Λογιστήριο
GD ASSET - Το Λογιστήριο

Our Vision

A modern and dynamic company in the wider field of service provision and especially in Accounting – Tax – Consulting, so that we can contribute in our own way to the development and competitiveness of Greek companies.

Combined with the continuous training in the developments of tax and labor legislation and the latest generation technological equipment, we can fully meet the needs of your business with quality, reliability and speed at the right price.

GD ASSET - Λογότυπο Λευκό


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